Mekenzie Anne

Mekenzie Anne

Our youngest daughter, Mekenzie, came out of the womb talking and has continued until the present day.  She loves life, she loves people, and she relishes a challenge. 
Never one to wait for life to happen, Mekenzie makes her decisions and takes control.  I feel fortunate because, if it were up to our children to pick their parents, I would have been passed over for a different and better choice because Mekenzie doesn't settle for second best.  Fortunately, biological parents and children have little choice, so, she's mine until I give her away to someone else to have and to hold.

I've filled photo albums with pictures of Mekenzie with big fish.  She has talent, skill and good fortune.

A Friend

Separating the friend from the parent was difficult for me as a father.  Mekenzie has always been engaging and intelligent.  As she's grown, I've come to understand that she has outgrown my lap, but not my heart.  Growing in wisdom while gathering knowledge, Mekenzie's vision has surpassed the small town she grew up while looking forward to new endeavors and larger ambitions.

Let us sacrifice our Today so That Our Children can Have a Better Tomorrow.

As her Dad. I can play like a kid, give advice like a friend, and protect like a bodyguard.  I've rarely needed to give Mekenzie advice and feel honored when she asked,  but I loved to play with her in the surf and go fishing for a whopper.  She's a great friend and I miss her now that's she's gone off to college and grown-up.  It's always good to have her home and listen to her newest adventure.

Our Adventures in Mexico were My Way to Decompress and Connect with My Family
Mekenzie and I on a Deserted Beach Walking to Paddle Out.


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