About - Richard Bradley

About Richard Bradley

I've lived in the Cocoa Beach area my entire life being raised on Merritt Island across the shallow Banana River Lagoon.  Marrying Gina Ordonez in 1990 and raising two beautiful daughters Savannah and Mekenzie which are now grown and gone.

Living a charmed life on Florida's Space Coast, I've carved out my existence as a charter fishing Captain on the local lagoons and deep sea fishing off Port Canaveral.  I consider myself a fiscal conservative with a moderate lifestyle.

richard bradley
Captain Richard Bradley Sharpening his Life and Knives after a Day on the Lagoon.

What I Enjoy

Doing things with my friends and family

There is literally not a week that goes by that we are not doing something with others. Neighbors provide us with comfort and are regularly visited.  It's been my pleasure to keep up with my High School friends that reside nearby.  Social media has allowed us to connect and celebrate each other's endeavors or help during a crisis.  Those of us that are still local take advantage of each other's hospitality and spend quality time together regularly.

The Outdoors

The "Outdoors" is a rather broad term, but we generally like anything outdoors and spend time surfing, boating, and camping.  Camping in Florida is reserved for the colder months and surfing is an opportunity when the waves cooperate. Regular bike rides, walking and recently we've enrolled in Crossfit just two blocks away from home.

Writing and Photography

I've always enjoyed photography and relish the opportunity to photograph people enjoying themselves.  Our area provides a lot of subject matter for multimedia, and I'm honing my skills writing blogs and updating our business website.


I don't consider me a deeply religious person and often find myself in conversations with family, friends, and acquaintances about their beliefs and faith.  I probably lean toward a Calvinist Christian, and I have to admit, I can't come to terms with the Sovereignty of God and the Free Will of Man, but HEY I think there's no end to that debate and as long as there's love in my heart and a willingness to learn, I'm good with that. I would not consider us legalistic in our approach to our faith, but I honestly believe there is always some consequences to our life choices.


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