Weeping Mermaids On The Banana River Lagoon

Sea Glass

Sister’s of the Sea

Weeping Mermaid’s

Captain Richard sat with a twinkle in his eyes, amused by his friends' skepticism and the laughter that filled the air. Celeste and Lisa, with sea glass in their hands, chuckled at the memory of their friend’s whimsical tales about mermaid tears. They had always regarded it as one of his charming fables, part of the folklore that colored their residing on the Banana River Lagoon.

"I told you, the mermaids weep when they see the pollution that plagues their home," Captain Richard said, grinning mischievously. "But I understand if it sounds too fantastical for your logical minds."

Steve, Celeste's husband, couldn't help but join in the laughter. "So, are you saying the mermaids are real, Captain?"

Captain Richard chuckled and leaned back in his chair, the fading light of the evening casting a warm glow around them. "Well, my friend, the lagoon holds many secrets. Perhaps there are more wonders beneath the surface than we can ever comprehend."

Days passed, and the tale of the mermaids remained a source of amusement among the friends. Yet, a sense of curiosity lingered in the air, a whisper of doubt that hinted at the possibilities hidden within the lagoon's depths.

One afternoon, as Steve ventured out behind their waterfront home, he stumbled upon a magnificent fish scale on the dock. Its size and iridescent sheen caught him off guard, and he couldn't shake the feeling that there was something extraordinary about it.

Intrigued, Celeste and Lisa called upon Captain Richard to examine the mysterious scale. The captain's eyes widened as he took hold of the scale and inspected it closely. "My friends," he exclaimed, his voice filled with genuine surprise, "this, my dear, is a mermaid scale."

The laughter erupted once again, this time louder and more infectious than ever. Steve joined in, relishing the absurdity of the situation. Mermaids on the Banana River Lagoon—it seemed preposterous. But deep down, a spark of wonder remained, a glimmer of possibility that tingled in their hearts.

Days turned into weeks, and life on the lagoon went on as usual. But then, on a magical evening when the mullet run reached its peak, a commotion erupted on the Gushee's dock. Curiosity gripped them, and they hurried outside to discover a sight that defied their imagination.

Lying on the dock were several large, glistening scales, distinctly different from the fish scales they had seen before. The air crackled with anticipation as the friends exchanged bewildered glances. The stories of mermaids resurfaced in their minds, reminding them of Captain Richard's tales.

Steve, his voice filled with awe, dared to suggest, "Could it be...?"

Just as the words escaped his lips, they heard a tremendous splash in the water. Turning their gazes toward the source of the sound, they caught sight of a massive tarpon, leaping with remarkable grace, its silvery body shimmering in the moonlight.

The realization hit them like a wave crashing against the shore. The large scales on their dock weren't the work of mermaids but rather the magnificent tarpon, the majestic fish that inhabited the lagoon. The laughter spilled forth once more, echoes of joy and camaraderie resounding in the night.


Captain Richard, amidst the laughter, looked at his friends, his eyes filled with mirth and a hint of triumph. "You see, my dear friends, truth can be stranger than fiction, but it's the magic of our imaginations that keeps life exciting."

And so, the friends shared a bond woven through tales of mermaids, tarpons, and the captivating mysteries of the Banana River Lagoon. Their laughter echoed into the night, carrying the essence of friendship, adventure, and the enduring wonder that lies just beyond our understanding.


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